Currency Conversion App
An app that helps people quickly convert currency and explore other functions in a smooth experience. 
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3 weeks                                                            Jiayi Tang                                              Research 
                                                                                                                                         UX&UI Design
                                                                                                                                         Usability Test
                                                                                                                                         Prototype                                                   ​​​​​​​
Currency conversion is important for people to conduct transactions during daily life. When people are regularly traveling to a foreign country, it is essential for them to have a quick access to the currency conversion and explore details of currency rate. However, the current currency conversion apps makes the function of currency conversion confusing and inconvenient for people.
Target Audience:  People who travel between several countries on a regularly basis. ​​​​​​​
The Currency Conversion App focuses on the basic functions of currency conversion. However, it is designed for people frequently use certain currency conversions. User can add the conversions they use frequently or recently to the favorite list. In this way, it allows them to quick access to the currency conversion that they want to use.
Process Overview

Function Analysis on Competitive Products
​​​​​​​Heuristic Analysis & App Teardown  
To better understand the using experience of currency conversion app, I conducted a heuristic research on the two conversion app - Money App & xCurrency, which has the most similar target user group and are most complete in functions. I then conducted app teardown on one of the app - Money App.
Synthesis & Define
Design Principle​​​​​s
How might we design a currency conversion app that helps people quickly convert currency and explore other functions in a smooth experience?
User Goals 
Functional Framework 
Based on the insights, I created 2 original proposals illustrating functions, user goals, and task flows.
Feature 01 | Converter and User's Preference List
Current currency conversion apps fail to present informations based on users’ needs. They do not have an easy way to save and access frequently used functions or informations.
User Goal: 
Primary: To be able to quick access to the currency conversion used frequently. 
Secondary 1: To be able to start a new currency conversion session and add it to the Preference List. 
Secondary 2: To be able to edit and customize Preference List. 

Feature 02 | Currency Rate Details(Trend & Graph) 
Current currency conversion apps fail to provide users an easy way to access detailed information. It is confusing that there’s several ways to access the same information. They do not provide a smooth and simplified procedure for users.
User Goal: 
Primary: To be able to see the trend of currency rate to find an optimal time to exchange money.
Secondary 1: To be able to save or share the detailed information.
Secondary 2: To be able to find a nearby bank that has the currency in store. ​​​​​​​
Micro-interactions Ideation
Concept Testing   
01 Placing the Preference List behind the converter
Users prefer placing the Preference List behind the converter instead of in front of it. When placing in front of converter, it is hard to place the title, without which users can hardly know the function of that page.
02 Calculated automatically 
They prefer the converter will show the result automatically and immediately after they input a number.
03 Functions of "find bank" are unnecessary
Users think they are familiar with lots of well-developed map app in the market. There is no need to embed a map function in the currency conversion app. In addition, since a lot of money exchange could be achieved online, it is rare for them to go to a band. 
04 Functions of "share" are unnecessary
They could easily share screen shots with the existed functions on the phone.
Visual Directions
Usability Test 
Insight 1:
Many people open the hidden screen by dragging it up. However, the way of opening the page in my first prototype is to click. 

Insight 2:
They think the position of the search sign is confusing. It seems like it represents the search of the Favorite List. Nevertheless, my intention of the search button is for users to add or start a new currency conversion.

Final Deliverable
Primary Task
Choose a conversion from the favorite list and start to convert.

Secondary Task 1
Explore the graph to see the trend of currency rate change. ​​​​​​​
Secondary Task 2
Start a new conversion and add it to the favorite list.
Next Steps 

1. Improve VUI flow
2. Add micro-interactions to the prototype

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