A system that helps college students manage kitchen chores among roommates.
DURATION                                           TEAM                                           MY ROLE                          
4 weeks                                                            Jiayi Tang                                              Semi-structured Interviews 
                                                                          Fei Shao                                                Concept Ideation                                                                                                                Chris Hong                                            System Map
                                                                                                                                          Video Shooting
Under the influence of COVID-19, we are spending more time together with people we live with. Kitchen is the most common space where roommates have conflicts and is usually one of the major reasons for people to move out. These conflicts usually caused by roommates's lack of communication over chores distribution, roommates' lack of responsibilities of doing chores, and their feeling of unfairness when doing too much chores.
Target Audience:  college students
                                + live with several roommates
                                + lack of sense of responsibility
                                + busy with study and work

Our design is an integrated system including physical sensors, lights display, speaker unit, and an app. Working together, the system helps roommates to fairly distribute chores, remind them of their responsibilities when necessary, and encourage their positive communications.
Process Overview

After we have conducted auto-ethnography, we conducted semi-structured interviews with 3 participants who are all college students living in the apartment or dorm with several other roommates and who offer diverse different lifestyle or type of relationships.

"Setting rules is important for our communication."
"We set rules for throwing away garbage and keeping the kitchen clean."
"Communication is the most important way to solve conflicts."

"Since everyone is cooking at home, the kitchen got over crowded and messy sometimes, but it's awkward to discuss the mess and nobody want to clean up."
"I leave notes on post-its in the kitchen to remind my roommate to clean up after themselves."

"I was sometimes lazy to do chore even if I know it is my responsibility."
"Roommates usually have different ideas about cleanness. Reaching a consensus of cleanness is difficult."
+ Roommates feel awkward while talking about kitchen chores and responsibilities.
+ Some people are lazy and waits for someone else to clean up.
+ People do not know what others have done and feel imbalanced.
Photo Study
Along with interviews, we asked participants to provide pictures of their apartment or dorm that can represent or show their relationship with roommates. We have also looked at some pictures from online discussion board about roommate relationships.
+ Roommates use aggressive or benign stickers to express opinions in the kitchen.
+ Roommates divide kitchen space equally 
+ Roommates use communication board to set rules and communicate.
Secondary Research 
We read articles and research to learn what people are doing in solving the problem and look into the existing products and concepts.
+ Kitchen is the most common space where roommates have conflicts and is usually one of the major reason for people to move out.
+ Calling attention to relevant social norms
Pressure from competition encourages behavior change. 
+ The market lacks of products aiming to encourage roommates relationship by chores management.
Synthesis & Define
How might we improve roommate relationship by helping them manage chores?
Overall Strategies 
Concept 01
Concept 02
Concept 03
Final Deliverable
After analyzing the three ideas based on the three principles, we further developed on the idea 01 and idea 02 for the final deliverable. 
Family of Interfaces
System Map
Mobile App
+ Set social norms and preferences
+ Backend data record
+ Prevent cheating
+ Instant communication
Speaker Unit + Light Display
+ More human interaction
+ Tone change
+ Voice&footstep detection
+ Display accomplishment
+ Incentive

VUI Dialogue Flow 1 | Facilitate Positive Communication
VUI Dialogue Flow 2 | Splitting Chores Fairly
Video Prototype 
Next Steps 

1. Improve VUI flow
2. Explore more options in VUI personality
3. Refine product model
4. Explore more on sensors

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